DaVinci Resolve 12 ::: Colour Grading Series

Here is a series of guides that cover the core fundamentals of the Colour Grading Process inside of DaVinci Resolve. Much of what is covered can be applied to other programmes, espeiclaly when considering Primary Correction and Workflow managment. That said, the series highlights the elegance of the DaVinci workflow when not only creating accurate and creative colour grades of your footage, but also the important way inwhich you can manage colour and image data.

The series covers:

  • Primary Colour Correction
  • ‘Looks’ Development
  • Secondary Isolation and Grading

As more episodes are created they will be added to this post. Please follow them in the correct order to not only aid the continuity of your learning but also to develop a professional, “legal” workflow for your colour grading work.

Many thanks