This is a short post to confirm the launch of a Collaborative Film Project called ‘The Arcane Welder’ (Working Title). The aim of the project is simple: to collaboratively produce a short Science fiction film to inform educational practice in Film Technology.

At first I need to build a team of people to work alongside myself to develop the initial concept into something that can be produced by students and practitioners alike. Additionally, people who commit to the project need to be willing to share their practice via the web, so that students and practitioners alike can benefit from our experiences – good and bad.

This will chiefly take the form of a production Blog/Diary. Also, I aim to produce a series of audio/visual guides that explain, define and educate others on the processes that will eventually be developed to complete the project.

At this stage I simply need names; people – students, graduates and practitioners – who are keen to get involved at first. You may want to help out with the pre-production; set/costume design; post-production; sound; etc. It doesn’t matter what, I just need keen, motivated people who feel that they have something to offer or learn. Then we can see where it takes us! 

Please contact me if you’re interested using the Contact Page